The right of access to information

Based on the Law of the right of access to information (NN 25/13) individuals and legal entities may request the information that public authority owns, manages or supervises. A request for access to information or reuse information may be submitted orally, by phone (033 638 288), by fax (033 638 278) or by written request. A written request can be submitted by mail on adress: Poduzetnički inkubator Virovitičko-podravske županije d.o.o., Ulica Poduzetnička zona ll 18, 33000 Virovitica; can be delivered immediately to the administration of Business Incubator on the same adress or on e-mail: When submitting the application it is not required to pay an administrative fee for the form. Business Incubator has the right to charge the actual cost incurred by providing information. The compensation of actual costs incurred for providing information under the Freedom of Information Act is prescribed by the Criteria for determining the amount of compensation of actual costs incurred and delivering information (Narodne novine # 12/2014 from 31.1.2014.) – correction published in the Narodne novine # 15 from 6.2.2014.

Request for information needs to have:

• the name and headquarters the public authorities where the application is submitted,

• wanted information

• name and full address of residence of individual person making the request

• company name, name of the legal entity and its headquarters

The applicant is not obliged to give reasons for requesting access to information, The applicant may also suggest how the public authority can make information available. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

request for information