Establish a company

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step 1

Company name

The company must be named. The company name must be different from existing names. Prepare an alternative name if the desired one is already taken. You can check availability on web portal

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step 2


Application for registering into the Court Registry and some of its documents must be verified by a notary. All founders must be present. After verification, notary electronically forwards documents to the office. List of notaries.


step 3


Application for registering into the Court Registry deliver to office. In the office you will get and fill RPS form which is required for getting the Notification of Business Subject classification by National business activity from the National Bureau of Statistics.

uplata pristojbi

step 4

Payments of fees

Payment of court fees and founding deposit you can make in FINA offices. When the transactions are done, the Commercial Court will register the Company into the court registry within 24 hours, and electronically deliver the Establishment decision and the Confirmation of Identification number to the office.

preuzimanja dokumentacije

step 5

Taking over the documents

The Decision of the Court Registry registration and the Notification of bussiness subject classification by National business activity with registered identity number can be taken over on the counter of the service.

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step 6


After taking the documents, you must make a stamp.

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step 7

Pension and health insurance

Company first must be registered at Pension Insurance, and then at Health Insurance. After that, company can start employing.

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step 8

The tax bureau

It is needed to register the Company in the Tax Bureau, which has jurisdiction according to company headquarters so you can register to the Registry of the profit and VAT taxpayers.

Good luck :)